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Aperture version 1.0
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Class aperture.log.Appender

Logging Appender base class.

Class Summary
Constructor Attributes Constructor Name and Description

Method Summary

Class Detail

{aperture.log.LEVEL} level
The logging level threshold for this appender

Method Detail

  • level(l, the)
    Sets or gets the current global logging level
    {aperture.log.LEVEL} l Optional
    the new appender level threshold. If value given, the threshold level is not changed and the current value is returned
    current appender level threshold
  • log(level, toLog)
    Log function called by the logging framework requesting that the appender handle the given data. In general this function should not be overridden by sub-classed Appenders, instead they should implement logString and logObjects
    {aperture.log.LEVEL} level
    level at which to log the message
    {Object|String} toLog
    data to log, see api.log for details.
  • logString(level, message)
    'Abstract' function to log a given string message at the given level Appender sub-classes should implement this method to do something useful with the message
    {aperture.log.LEVEL} level
    the level of the message to log
    {String} message
    the message that should be logged as a string