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Aperture version 1.0
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Class aperture.RadialLayer

Represents a layer of point located radial indicators. Radial layers are capable of representing simple circles, but may also be subdivided in the form of pies, donuts, or bloom indicators with discrete petals. They may also represent concentric series, which is particularly good at showing change or difference. A pie form with series creates a polar area diagram (also known as a coxcomb or rose), the most historically famous of which may be Florence Nightingale's visualization of mortality causes in the Crimean War.

If the sector-count property is mapped, each item in the first order data array represents a subdivision into discrete wedges or petals (sectors), whereas the second order represents concentric series for each. If left unmapped, the series is assumed to be the first order in the data. Series data will always be drawn concentrically from inside to outside with intersections removed, no matter what the order of size in the data.


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