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Aperture version 1.0
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Class aperture.PlotLayer

An extension of layer, Plot layers can contain child layers.

Method Summary

Method Detail

  • {aperture.Layer} addLayer(layer, mappings, spec)
    Creates and adds a child layer of the specified type. Child layers will inherit all mappings and data from their parent layer.
    plot.addLayer( aperture.LabelLayer, {
         font-family: 'Segoe UI',
         fill: 'white'
    {aperture.Layer} layer
    The type of layer to construct and add.
    {Object} mappings Optional
    Optional initial simple property : value mappings. More advanced mappings can be defined post-construction using the map function.
    {Object} spec Optional
    An optional object containing specifications to pass to the layer constructor. This specification will be extended with parent and canvas information.
    {aperture.Layer} the created child layer