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Aperture version 1.0
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Class aperture.Layer.Event

An event object that is passed to handlers upon the trigger of a requested event.

Class Summary
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Class Detail


Field Detail

{Object} data
the data object for the node that triggered the event
{Number} dx
when dragging, the cumulative x offset, otherwise undefined.
{Number} dy
when dragging, the cumulative y offset, otherwise undefined.
{String} eventType
the type of the event being triggered
{Array} index
an optional property that contains the index into the data item in the case that the data item contains a sequence of values, such as a line series. In the case of indexed values, this field will be an array of indicies in the order they are referred to in the mappings. For example, ${a[].b[].c} will have two items in the index array. Otherwise, undefined.
the node that triggered the event
{Object} source
the source event