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Aperture JS agile visual analytics for big data

Aperture is a powerful, agile, and extensible visualization framework library project designed to produce tailored, best practice, scalable visualizations for analysts and decision makers in any common web browser. Aperture is an open source, standards based JavaScript library with supporting web services.

Declarative Grammar of Richly Layered Visual Forms

Aperture employs a unique and unified layer based approach to visualization assembly, enabling richer, more powerful combinations of visual forms than a standard widget based approach with many frames. Aperture's visual mapping and filter API provides adaptability to any data schema and transformation of data into succinct interactive visual forms with minimal effort.

Highly Interoperable using Web 2.0, SOA and GIS Standards

Aperture uses a non-proprietary Web 2.0, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach with SVG or VML (IE7, 8) rendering and wide support for GIS standards, for greatest interoperability. Aperture vizlets (visualization forms) are easily embedded in web-based client frameworks such as the Ozone Widget Framework (OWF), or in any simple web page, where open JavaScript APIs provide full interoperability with other DOM elements.

Extensible and Open Source

The Aperture framework and API are designed for ease of extension, allowing a broad community to leverage and extend capabilities in creative ways. Aperture is under ongoing development and is freely available for download under The MIT License (MIT) open source licensing. Unlike GNU General Public License (GPL), MIT freely permits distribution of derivative work under proprietary license, without requiring the release of source code.